#AfroGrime #Ethiohop #Nubian Bass (BE-FR)

Miles away from earth, in a strange land, when the sun embraces the sand …
Where old spirit meets electronic machines, where desert tribes meet futuristic cities and unknown species. Welcome to NUBIA NOVA, the purple planet.

OZFERTI, character created by the French beatmaker / musician / illustrator Florian Doucet, is the embodiment of this universe.
Call it AFROGRIME, ETHIOHOP or NUBIAN BASS, the OZFERTl’s music is rich melting pot of ethiopian / eritrean / nigerian vibes mixed with elements of electronica, jazz, hip hop and bass music.

After an intense career in bands like LA CHIVA GANTIVA ( Belgium / Colombia) signed on CRAMMED DISCS or TERRAKOTA (Angola / portugal) signed on FAZUMA, Florian Doucet starts his solo project in 2016.

After months of visual and musical researches, his first album ADDIS ABOUMBAP is released on May 2016, 11 tracks of Ethiojazz and electronic landscapes. Widely broadcasted by underground DJ’s and Radios ( DJ Mellow / LOW UP, BEAT CHRONIC, Radio Nova Paris) but also on big stations ( KCRW Los Angeles, Worldwide FM, RINSE fm France), the project is well received by music profession. ln MAY 2016, he started touring with beatmakers of the belgium and european electronic like PIPPIN, SPARKLING BITS, TOOLBOX, but also with confirmed artists as FLEX FAB, R.O., POMRAD or the french DEGIHEUGI.

Finalist of the »TREMPLIN du Festival de DOUR « in July 2016 and semi-finalist of the Beat Batlle organised by REDBULL Elektropedia in February 2017, the post-ethio world of Ozferti brings more dates and opportunities day after day. Connections with Ethiopian musicians will certainly bring him to Africa Next Year, to record some new materials. New visuals, new ways to imagine his world NUBIA NOVA and naturally, an endless musical exploration.

OZFERTI on stage, it’s a crazy musical producer with machines, guitar, video animations and sometimes a clarinet …

A sonic journey who brings you far far far far far far away from earth…
You will not coming back from this epic odissey !


« Imagine an alternate dimension where East Africans spirits meet steampunk technologies, that’s what Ozferti is about. » Okayafrica

« Thanks to the French producer Ozferti we can now hear verses by Skepta, Wiley and colleagues on Nigerian Afrobeat, Ghanaian Highlife and other styles. » Backspin

« He creates a track that’s as interesting to listen to as it is danceable. » StGa

« After the first volume of afrogrime, released last summer, the producer returned to the charge with a sonority that transports us to abstract landscapes, grime beats, spicy percussion, southern guitar riffs and cutting rhythms.«  Rimas e Batidas


Addis Aboumbap – 2016 – NUBIA NOVA Records


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