#Afro-futuristic Electro (SN)

After several evocative pseudonyms, Ibaaku chose his first name in Djolafor this new project, marking a turning point for this multidisciplinaryartist.

Born in Dakar, but originally from Casamance, Ibaaku is a prolific artist; not only a producer but also a multi-instrumentalist, author, composer and radio host.

Before launching his solo career, he has worked for a few years with thebest Senegalese hip-hop artists, including Xuman, Keyti, Daara J Family (FaadaFreddy’s group) and PPS. 

Ibaaku also collaborates regularly with other cultural and artisticfields, such as fashion, visual arts and video. The already cult record « AlienCartoon »was born from the collaboration between the Senegalese designer SellyRaby Kane (who dressed Beyoncé among others) and Ibaaku, (who composed themusic for one of her fashion shows).

Both hip-hop and experimental electro music, blended with Senegalesereferences and remixed local sounds, represent the major influences of the DJ’sfirst opus. Here and there, some great references to the Beat Scene and itsleader Flying Lotus can be found. We may also think of Sun Ra as anintellectual and visual reference, notably because of the Afro-futuristicimagery proposed by the two artists.

« Ibaaku is really a very great poet, sound/electronic image! Remarkable, So Great ! Africa under electronic hypnosis. Unanimous appreciatiion from the Ethiopian side » Christian Merer, General Delegate of the Alliance Française in Ethiopia.

Major Gigs : Trans Musicales (FR), Music Meeting (NL), Roskilde (DK), Oslo World (NO), Clandestino (SW), Amsterdam Dance Event (NL), Womex 2017, Visa for Music (MA), Guess Who? (NL), Bushfire (Swaziland), …


Alien Cartoon – 2016 – Akwaaba Music (Label)


Alien Cartoon is the soundtrack to Selly Raby Kane‘s fashion show and art performance.

« Ibaaku accomplished a surrealist feat by transforming fragmented, chaotic sounds into a harmonious and baffling opus, he is a brilliant spirit. » Selly Raby Kane

« Sound… levitation… meditation… sound coming from the guts… it’s a journey! » Daara J Family


« A prime example of Afrofuturism as it stands today: an eclectic, electronic opus to a fantasy alien attack » THE FADER

« Alien Cartoon plays like a haywire crossing of distorted bass, thumping hip-hop inspired breakbeats and Senegalese samples. It’s a sound that’s at the same time dizzying and completely hypnotizing. » OKAYAFRICA

« Senegal’s Ibaaku is bringing Afrofuturism to the dacefloor » THUMP

Creative, captivating, innovative, amazing, original! These are the adjectives that come up most often at the sight of this great video ‘Djula Dance’ by Ibaaku. With the album released in January 2016, you can bet that Ibaaku will surely establish itself as a flagship artist of a new movement in West African dance music. Though the artist may still be somewhat unclassifiable, he nicknames his music « Afro-hypnotic electro » MUSIC IN AFRICA

« Avant-garde dancing on the moon? Not something you see every day. His dreads tied up into antennas kind of makes sense once you hear it. »THE CULTURE TRIP


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