#Afro-cosmic Fusion (SN)

ALIBETA is an Afropolitan Troubadour. Through these journeys, between different spatialand artistic universes including : theater, cinema and music, this Senegalese artist irrigates the world by weaving Links.

His wish, as an author-composer-performer, is to contribute to the Universality of language, culture and also of representations. From afro-jazz to serere rythms, from afro-roots to mandingo rythms and Gnawa rythms, this Tambacounda native plays on the purest African influences, uses with humility the words of Sages, dazzles by African cosmogonies. 

After a first album in 2013, he is preparing a new album for 2019. This new opus, the result of a long artistic and spiritual research, will deliver a musical cocktail with both traditional and modern sounds.

Alibeta is also a director, stage coach and actor. He directed a feature-length documentary film « Life Saaraba Illegal » which has been screened on numerous occasions at African film festivals on the continent and in Europe. Most recently, he has played the role of the taximan in Philippe Godeau‘s new film alongside Omar Sy, Fatoumata Diawara & Germaine Acogny.


MASA 2018, Institut Français (Dakar, Saint-Louis, Casablanca), Saint-Louis Jazz Festival, Afropolitan Nomade Festival, Douala Hip Hop Festival, Panafrican Arts Festival,…


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