#Afro-Urban-Pop (CM-GA)

What will struck you first with Adango is the unique texture of her voice, full of vibrating emotions and primal energies. Her music is a fusion of styles, taking root in central Africa but integrating different influences from jazz to hip hop even rock and electro, caught in between tradition and modernity, between her african roots and the global village, like her continent, like herself.

Adango is a female singer and composer. She left, her father’s land, Gabon, for Cameroon, in search of her mother and her destiny when she was 19. This is where her musical journey began, first by integrating the Band of a famous Cameroonian performer Ekambi Brillant.

But soon, she felt the need to develop her own musicand style. She then joined the HHD (Hip Hop Developpé) Collective in 2012,where she found the first collaborations that would help them to progressively build her own project, the rapper Sadrak, a set of talented musicians and soundmakers and her sisters in music, Teety Tezano, Danielle Eog and Lady B.

Since then, Adango has been performing alternatively with the whole crew and solo, first in Cameroon and, step by step, in West and Central African countries, while launching several singles (The electro pop« Mayegamem » or the african ballad « Sisi ») and finetuning her personal project « Trendition ». 

2018 marks a new stage in her career with a mini tour where she could present « Trendition » live at the MASA in Côted’Ivoire, in Cameroon at the « Escale Bantoo » festival, but also in Congo and finally Gabon… ten years after leaving for her musical adventure.

Their performances were noticed and drove to selections at the MIDEM in Cannes (France) and then in Rio (Brazil), and Visa For Music Market in Rabat (Moroco).

Adango is now preparing the next step  fine tuning the « Trendition » live while finalizing the studio version of the « Trendition » titltes.

To be followed….


Kim Prod | Production, Management & Booking

Scenegal Ethic | Co-Management & Booking